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Who Created babyagi?

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What is babyagi?

babyagi, like Auto-GPT, is a tool built to auto-prompt ChatGPT. It is built using the ChatGPT API. With babyagi a user creates a list of exhaustive goals they want to accomplish, and the tool uses a combination of web search results and ChatGPT prompts to complete those goals.

The utility of this tool over the traditional ChatGPT interface is that, with the traditional interface, the user generally has to guide the model to get complete responses to complex tasks/goals by subsequent prompts after the initial prompt. With babyagi, the model builds up a list of subsequent prompts to itself using the results of previous prompts.

Who created babyagi?

babyagi was created by Yohei Nakajima, who has the GitHub username yoheinakajima.

Nakajima's LinkedIn Profile shows that he is a partner at VC firm Untapped Capital. He is also an Artist/Founder of the NFT project PixelBeasts. In addition, Nakajima lists that he holds positions as Board Member and Venture Partner at other Bay-area based companies.

Nakajima graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He does not appear to have any formal education in programming, and only lists HTML, PHP, and MySQL as programming technologies he knows. However, it is clear he has a proficiency in Python (the language used to develop babyagi) at a minimum.

Nakajima has a few GitHub repositories that show his interest in generative AI predating ChatGPT. He has a tool for "fine-tuning" GPT-3, however the repository is labeled as incomplete and contains only one javascript file. He has another repository labeled "gpt3art", but it also seems incomplete as it contains only an index.html file and is not accompanied by a help header.

Other Contributors

While the babyagi repository is under Nakajima's GitHub username, several developers have made commits to the project, including Meta employee Francislav "Franci" Penov (francip). Penov has made several more commits than Nakajima.

Penov's LinkedIn Profile shows that he is an Engineering Manager at Meta and has been with the company since 2012. Prior, he held developer positions at Amazon and Microsoft. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 1994.

Penov's involvement in such a viral ChatGPT tool is understood given his long history as a developer for bay area tech giants. Nakajima's technical involvement is more surprising, given his lack of formal experience as a developer and his career focus in VC.

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